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Dive into the heart of Ecla, where passion and innovation are redefining coliving and student life in Europe. Join our team and shape unique living experiences.


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Experience innovation in coliving

Ecla is no ordinary student residence, it’s a European pioneer in coliving, offering an innovative living environment for students. Our spaces are designed to merge privacy and community, encouraging social interaction, intellectual enrichment, relaxation and creativity. Our cultural mosaic is rich: international residents, young professionals and creative minds, all united to sculpt unforgettable moments.

Towards a new horizon of sharing

Since our foundation, we’ve been welcoming residents with a passion for discovery. At Ecla, the concept of coliving is evolving beyond traditional expectations. By joining us, you’ll be at the forefront of the creation of innovative living spaces and collaborative workplaces, where precious memories are forged with people from all over the world. Seize the opportunity to be part of this coliving revolution. Ecla is a fast-growing company with boundless energy and creativity. Our team, a collage of original and ambitious personalities, is the driving force behind our success – and you have your part to play.

Our commitments

At Ecla, our commitments are the foundations on which we build a unique coliving experience. Innovation is our star, lighting the way to forward-thinking living and working spaces. With care and bravery, we defy convention, welcoming bold ideas and initiative from all who join our community. Creativity is not only encouraged, it’s celebrated. Every project, every event is a canvas on which our residents and team can paint their visions of a collaborative and dynamic future.

Ecla is a place where every individual shines. The contrasts of our community are its richness, and each person brings his or her own unique color, essential to our collective success. Diversity is our anthem and inclusion our constant endeavor. We are committed to a quest for improvement and adaptation, through personal development programs, events and collaborations. Because at Ecla, the exchange of knowledge and continuous education are the pillars of our philosophy.

The benefits of working for Ecla

Working at Ecla offers several significant advantages. Firstly, it represents a unique opportunity to contribute to a dynamic and innovative environment, where interaction with young people from diverse backgrounds can enrich both professionally and personally. Secondly, Ecla focuses on creating an integrative and modern living environment, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and quality facilities, which can be particularly rewarding for those who are passionate about enhancing the residential experience.

Rewarding careers

Embark on a rewarding professional adventure at Ecla, where challenges are the springboard for personal evolution and professional advancement. What sets us apart? Particular attention to the well-being of every member of our team.

Discover our job offers!


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