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At Ecla, we are at the forefront of coliving and student accommodation in Europe. Our commitment is to provide exceptional living experiences for a dynamic community of students and young professionals. We create spaces where comfort, modernity and conviviality meet to enrich the daily lives of our residents.

Ecla, Europe’s coliving pioneer, leads the way in innovation and student well-being

At Ecla, Europe’s leading provider of coliving residences, we are shaping the future of student and professional accommodation with boldness and vision. Our new facilities in Archamps and Bordeaux embody our commitment to excellence and innovation. Scheduled to open in 2025 and 2026 respectively, these Houses promise to transform the living experiences of our vibrant community of students and young professionals. Discover how we’re reinventing living spaces to encourage collaboration, creativity and sustainable well-being.

2 new sites
1300 new housing units
35 new shared spaces

A forward-looking vision

Innovation, sustainability and inspiring communities

At Ecla, our vision is to redefine the concept of community living through innovation and sustainability. Each new home is designed to be a living, inspiring space where our co-living members can thrive in a stimulating and environmentally friendly environment. This philosophy guides our expansion and the meticulous choice of new locations for our Ecla homes, promoting harmonious integration into dynamic, accessible cities.

Archamps, close to Geneva

A strategically located site on the French-Swiss border, ideal for students and professionals looking to take advantage of cross-border opportunities.

  • Location and access: Located just a few minutes from Geneva, this House offers easy access to the region’s universities and major companies.
  • House features: 800 modern apartments, 3,000 m² of common areas with gym, coworking spaces, relaxation room…
  • Sustainability and innovation: low-energy consumption buildings, integration of intelligent technologies for optimum comfort.
  • Key dates: opening 2025.


Located in a metropolis renowned for its cultural and economic dynamism, this House promises to become a meeting point for creativity and innovation.

  • Location and access: close to major universities and the city center, with easy access to public transport.
  • House features: 495 housing units, integrated green spaces, Agora, collaborative kitchen, gym, coworking space, restaurant…
  • Sustainability and innovation: use of eco-friendly materials, innovative waste management solutions.
  • Key dates: opening 2026.

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