20 April 2024

Coliving or Shared renting: everything you need to know

Students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs often face difficulties finding affordable housing. With limited availability and high prices, two alternative housing solutions emerge: shared renting and coliving. While most are familiar with the former, do you know what the latter entails?

Students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs often face difficulties finding affordable housing. With limited availability and high prices, two alternative housing solutions emerge: shared renting and coliving. While most are familiar with the former, do you know what the latter entails? Let’s explore the distinctive features of these two options. By the end of this article, you’ll be well-informed about these housing methods!

What is Shared Renting?

When rent prices are sky-high, shared renting is a go-to solution for many students. Before we delve into its pros and cons, let’s define this popular practice in large cities.

Definition and Characteristics

Since March 27, 2014, shared renting has been officially recognized and defined by law. It refers to a housing arrangement occupied by multiple tenants who have signed either a collective or individual lease with the landlord. Essentially, it involves multiple individuals renting a home simultaneously, which can apply to both furnished and unfurnished properties. Note, however, that a home occupied by a married or civil union couple is not considered shared renting.

 Advantages and Disadvantages

The primary benefit of shared renting is economic. With rent and utilities divided among several tenants, housing costs are significantly reduced. This allows roommates to afford larger, better-located, and well-equipped apartments.

Beyond the financial savings, the social and human aspects are appealing, especially for students and young workers. Sharing a common living space helps combat loneliness and fosters daily support among roommates. The division of household chores is also a plus.

On the downside, instability can be an issue. When roommates leave, finding a replacement can be challenging, and the remaining tenants must cover the unpaid rent share. Additionally, personality clashes can make shared living difficult, reducing privacy to just one’s bedroom. Compromise is essential in this living arrangement.

What is Coliving?

To form your own opinion between shared renting and coliving, you need to understand what this emerging trend entails. While it has been long-established in the United States, it is just starting to gain traction in France as a profitable rental investment.

This modern cohabitation model blends private life with community, attracting a generation seeking enriching social experiences and flexibility. Unlike traditional housing models, coliving emphasizes well-designed shared spaces that foster interaction while respecting individual privacy.

Definition and Characteristics

Coliving is still relatively new in France. Similar to shared renting, it involves a shared habitat but offers greater independence for residents. In a coliving house, each person enjoys a private space including a bedroom, a bathroom, and sometimes even a kitchen. Shared areas provide various entertainment options like gyms, movie rooms, lounges, coworking spaces, game rooms, libraries, music studios, and even saunas (as seen in Ecla Paris Villejuif).

Overall, a coliving residence promises individual independence while focusing on shared values and mutual support.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the main benefits of coliving is increased independence. You won’t need to share your bathroom or kitchen, preserving your privacy while still enjoying shared entertainment with other residents. Friendships can form naturally, without the pressure of sharing personal spaces.

Unlike shared renting, there’s no urgency to find roommates. You sign a lease that binds only you, for a duration that suits your needs. Moreover, searching is easier since you simply contact a coliving residence. All-inclusive pricing covers utilities, internet, and furnishings, simplifying your move.

The main drawback is similar to that of shared renting: potential challenges in community living, although extensive private spaces facilitate cohabitation.

Key Differences Between Coliving and Shared Renting

Now that we’ve discussed the strengths and weaknesses of these options, let’s examine the criteria that distinguish them. While similarities exist, coliving stands out in several ways.

Privacy and Personal Space

Whether you choose coliving or shared renting, or even both, consider the characteristics of each. Both plunge you into community life, but they differ in privacy levels. Coliving merges shared renting with coworking, allowing residents to work in common areas while maintaining privacy through well-equipped private spaces. In coliving, you choose when to engage with others, enjoying your private space without shared bathrooms. 

Services and Common Areas

In coliving, common areas are designed for comfort. Services include fitness classes, movie screenings, relaxation spaces, and themed evenings. For students and young professionals, these amenities mean you don’t need to venture out to meet people and make friends, saving money in the process. All services are included in the rent.

Flexibility and Management

Coliving offers flexibility; leases are tailored to your needs, available weekly, monthly, or yearly. In cities like Paris, you enjoy a private living space with fast internet and possibly even parking.

Applying is simple, focused on human values. A few clicks on coliving brand websites, and you can submit your rental application.

Now, when asked about “coliving definition,” the concept should be clear! You understand the differences between this housing system and shared renting. If you’re considering either option, Ecla residences in Île-de-France might be the perfect fit. Don’t hesitate; a new life awaits you!

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