13 April 2024

Student job ideas to fund your studies and more

As a student, you'd probably relish the chance to enjoy financial independence, supporting yourself throughout the year. To achieve this, you need to find a job that fits with your student lifestyle…

As a student, you’d probably relish the chance to enjoy financial independence, supporting yourself throughout the year. To achieve this, you need to find a job that fits with your student lifestyle. Without further ado, here are some tips and job ideas from Ecla that might just match your search and skills. Plus, because ‘Ecla’ rhymes with good news, stay tuned until the end of this article for a little surprise that will delight students looking for job opportunities in Île-de-France…

Before you dive into the job listings, remember that all work experience is valuable. From student deals in Paris to student housing in Île-de-France, we’re here to help you find your balance. Ecla supports you in your quest for independence, providing the necessary resources and support to successfully balance your studies, personal life, and professional career.

Why Opt for a Student Job?

There are many reasons to seek a student job, but for many, the need to fund extensive education is paramount. Desiring financial independence, students enhance their daily lives with a steady income. At the same time, they gain valuable skills and work experience.

Professional and Personal Benefits

Unsurprisingly, the primary benefit of a student job is earning money. After all, that’s the main reason for finding a job—to support your financial needs throughout your university education.

With a regular and stable income, you’ll hone your money management skills. Aware of its value, you’ll prioritize better, enjoy newfound independence, and learn more about the professional world. Your job might even reveal new aspects of your personality.

The skills and experience you gain will be invaluable when you kick-start your career in your chosen field. Your first serious job won’t feel entirely new, as the working world won’t be completely foreign to you.

Additionally, it’s highly recommended to leverage the network you begin to build. Expanding your contacts is very beneficial for a successful career.

Lastly, working a few hours during the week and on weekends will also sharpen your time management skills. With a paid activity, you’ll need to organize yourself to manage your workload effectively. Some positions will teach you how to work in a team and even develop your managerial qualities, which are highly sought after by companies.

Time Management and Study Tips 

Balancing a job while attending classes is challenging. Without minimal organization, you could lose your footing. Here’s a top tip: to ensure your job doesn’t harm your studies, establish a schedule and stick to good habits.

From your student accommodation in Massy-Palaiseau, Villejuif, or elsewhere, list all your daily tasks and organize them to save time. Prioritize important tasks and adhere strictly to your schedule. Don’t forget to factor in travel time.

Make daily to-do lists and above all, ensure you get enough sleep. If you start accumulating fatigue, you won’t be productive at work or able to absorb your lessons.

Lastly, another piece of advice: don’t put off what you can do now. Procrastination has no place in a student’s life organization. Whenever you can get ahead on your schedule, take advantage! This way, you’ll find more time to rest or enjoy leisure activities.

Well-Paying Student Job Ideas

Students often need to find employment before they’ve even earned a degree. Thus, they can’t rely on it to work in their desired field. However, these future professionals can find job offers with salaries sufficient to meet their needs.

If you’ve secured student housing in Île-de-France, it’s time to find a job!

Jobs in Education and Tutoring

If you’re comfortable with teaching, you could become a home tutor and offer homework help after school. Many students choose this path to fund their studies. You can decide whether to teach a specific subject, like a foreign language, or expand your responsibilities. You might also choose to teach online, at the student’s home, or directly at school.

If you are bilingual, consider teaching adults. In Paris, an organization called “Play English” offers part-time permanent contracts to students. Their mission: to conduct English workshops in schools, colleges, and high schools.

Jobs in Hospitality and Catering

Many students seek and find employment in these sectors. These jobs are plentiful but demanding, with irregular hours, constant customer interaction, and a fast pace. Positions like receptionist, waiter, cook, and housekeeper are abundant. Moreover, employers hire year-round, especially if you are studying in a large city. But be sure to organize your time well—it’s essential to find time to rest.

Seasonal and Part-Time Student Jobs

The workload from studies prevents some students from holding a job alongside their courses. While some manage to juggle part-time work and their studies, others may opt for seasonal jobs.

If you’re willing to leave your student accommodation in Paris during vacations, you can make the most of this time by working full-time for several weeks. Situated in the heart of ski resorts or near beach resorts, you’ll enjoy the lively holiday atmosphere. Surrounded by peers, you’ll make connections with similar profiles while saving money for the year.

If you opt for part-time work, you can choose from various sectors. Whether it’s selling beauty products, providing services, working as a cashier, commercial assistant, or waiter in a nightclub, the possibilities are plentiful!

Summer Employment and Vacation Jobs

Seasonal job offers are particularly appealing as they allow students to work hard and save money during their breaks. With no classes to revise, they can fully commit to their jobs. Another advantage: you might even find time to enjoy beach resorts or winter sports.

Approach ski schools and camps to teach snow sports during vacations. If you prefer not to work with children, you could clear roads leading to resorts. 

In summer, you could teach swimming and other water activities to children and adults alike. Positions like lifeguard, instructor, ice cream vendor, tour guide, or campsite entertainer abound.

During the summer, some students take on two jobs. In France, this practice is allowed as long as it does not exceed the legal working hours. After your day job in a company, you could offer babysitting services. Working as a store clerk by day, you might also serve as a restaurant waiter in the evening or as a night receptionist in a hotel.

Online Jobs and Teleworking for Students

What if you could work from home? You’d save on travel, gain time, and enjoy the comfort of your apartment. Provided you have a good internet connection and don’t mind solitude, you can find great online job opportunities.

We’ve mentioned distance teaching, but there are many other telework offers available. If your degree equips you with IT skills, you stand a good chance in this sector. You might apply as a web developer.

For those proficient in English, freelance editing and proofreading might suit you well. Social media enthusiasts could find a perfect fit as community managers. Again, if you’re studying IT, you’ll be thrilled to apply and enhance your skills.

If these don’t grant access to more skilled jobs than seasonal work, consider data entry. Numerous specialized websites publish job offers.

Whatever your level of study, you can find a student job to improve your daily life and meet your needs. If any of the tips or ideas mentioned in this article resonate with you, go for it!

*And, if you’re wondering where to find student job offers, Ecla is here to help once again: each year in April and May, we partner with Paris-Saclay Agglomeration and the city of Noisy-Le-Grand to host two major Job Dating events at our residences in Massy-Palaiseau and Noisy-Le-Grand. Featuring many job offers of all types, numerous companies participate, including BNP Paribas and Carrefour…

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