28 June 2024

Paris’s top Grandes Ecoles

Choosing the right school to pursue higher education is a crucial decision for any student. Paris is home to some of the world's best Grandes Ecoles, renowned for their academic excellence, extensive professional networks and unique opportunities.

Choosing the right school to pursue higher education is a crucial decision for any student. Paris is home to some of the best Grandes Ecoles in the world, renowned for their academic excellence, extensive professional networks and unique opportunities.

Let’s explore the best Grandes Ecoles in Paris and why they might be the ideal choice for you.

Why choose a Grande Ecole in Paris?

Choosing a Grande Ecole in Paris offers a stimulating academic environment, enriching cultural immersion and varied professional opportunities. By joining one of these institutions, you’ll find yourself at the heart of a network of excellence and innovation, benefiting from top-level training that will effectively prepare you to meet the challenges of the professional world.

Advantages of Parisian Grandes Ecoles

Paris, a city of exceptional cultural richness, offers a dynamic, multicultural living environment. You can explore its gastronomic treasures, discover its world-renowned luxury brands, and immerse yourself in its artistic and architectural heritage. What’s more (and this is certainly the most important!), studying in Paris opens the door to a diverse and dynamic professional network, ideal for developing your career. In short, the City of Light is much more than just a place to learn: it’s a veritable breeding ground for talent and professional opportunities.

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Reputation and academic excellence

Paris’s Grandes Ecoles enjoy a prestigious academic reputation, attracting students from all over the world. Their excellence is recognized in fields ranging from political science to technology and business, offering high-level teaching and exceptional career opportunities to their graduates.

Networking and professional opportunities

As mentioned earlier in this article, joining a Paris business school gives you access to a vast professional network, fostering unique collaborations and opportunities. This immersion in a dynamic, cosmopolitan environment offers interactions with prestigious, internationally-minded companies, experts from various sectors and international partners. As a result, students have the opportunity to forge strong ties and explore rewarding career paths, conducive to their personal fulfillment and future success.

Top 5 Parisian Grandes Ecoles

Discover the top five Parisian Grandes Ecoles honored for their academic excellence, innovative programs and international reach, offering students cutting-edge training in a stimulating and diverse environment.

HEC Paris

With a variety of teaching options, field projects and expatriate opportunities, including through prestigious international partnerships, HEC offers a unique educational experience, enhanced by its location in Station F, Paris.

Finding accommodation as a student at HEC Paris can be a challenge, but several options are available, both on campus and nearby. You can also benefit from the advice and support of members of the school staff to help you in your search for accommodation.

ESCP Business School

ESCP Business School, heir to the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, is deeply rooted in the French capital. With campuses in London, Madrid, Berlin, Turin and Warsaw, it offers a unique experience, encouraging student mobility and immersion in a variety of cultural and professional environments.

Finding student accommodation at ESCP Business School can be facilitated by several options. If you’re moving to the Paris campus, the student associations will be invaluable in your search for the ideal student accommodation, combining comfort and security.

Sciences Po Paris

The Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris offers quality training, teaches the art of argumentation and public speaking, enables enriching encounters, delivers a prestigious diploma, nurtures intellectual curiosity, encourages intercultural exchanges and experiences abroad, and offers fulfilling community involvement.

You can optimize your search for accommodation as a student at Sciences Po Paris by choosing from a variety of solutions, both on campus and nearby, to benefit from all the academic facilities of this prestigious school.

École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique de Paris offers multidisciplinary teaching, advanced research opportunities and a close connection with industry, guaranteeing prestigious and varied professional prospects.

Student accommodation close to Polytechnique is an ideal option for those seeking to maximize comfort and convenience.


EPITA is renowned for the quality of its training in computer engineering, its high standards and the exceptional expertise of its software engineering graduates, who have a perfect command of the technologies used and demonstrate a high degree of autonomy.

Choosing accommodation close to EPITA is an ideal solution for those seeking an environment adapted to their academic and social needs, in the vicinity of Kremlin-Bicêtre or their school.

How do I get into a Grande Ecole in Paris?

Admission to a Parisian Grande Ecole is based on passing a selective entrance exam, often after a demanding preparatory course. In addition to academic excellence, it is essential to demonstrate palpable motivation and a coherent professional project. These criteria ensure not only successful adaptation to the school’s intensive academic curriculum, but also adequate preparation for a future career in a competitive and dynamic environment.

Preparing your application

A typical application for a place at a Grande Ecole in Paris will include a CV summarizing your professional experience and interests. You’ll also need to provide your diplomas and transcripts. Letters of recommendation from academic and professional circles, a cover letter and, if applicable, proof of internships are often required. Various administrative documents and the results of tests such as the Tage-Mage or GMAT may also be required.

To answer questions effectively, it’s essential to present your profile clearly and humbly, highlighting your strengths without exaggeration. Use a logical structure for your answers and make sure you remain honest and precise. Proofread your application carefully to avoid mistakes, and keep a copy for future reference.

Entrance examinations

The Paris Grandes Ecoles competitive entrance exam is a rigorous, competitive process designed to select the best candidates for prestigious programs. It generally comprises written and oral tests, assessing candidates’ academic knowledge, analytical skills and interpersonal skills. Tests may include general knowledge tests, essays, mathematical exercises, individual interviews and sometimes aptitude tests.

Tips for success

To succeed in getting into a top Parisian school, it is advisable to :

  • Follow the news in France and abroad on a daily basis, for example, by creating a link on your smartphone to selected media outlets practice synthesizing documents, with rapid reading, highlighting and structured outlines
  • Reflect on yourself so that you know how to present yourself out loud, ideally in front of someone you trust, and include a highlight from your life
  • Justify your pursuit of a Master’s degree
  • During oral exams, use selected words and speak at a moderate pace.
  • Study the website of your chosen school, noting important points
  • Prepare a projective CV to see yourself in five years’ time
  • Revise your English by reading books in English, watching TV series and learning new vocabulary.
  • Don’t forget to dress and present yourself well, while remaining at ease.

As you’ve probably guessed, Paris’s Grandes Ecoles embody academic and professional excellence, attracting thousands of students every year from the four corners of the globe. Their reputation is built on rigorous programs, renowned teaching staff and influential alumni networks.

Joining these prestigious institutions offers you a unique opportunity to train at the highest level and prepare for careers in France or abroad. As you navigate this stimulating educational landscape, you’ll enrich not only your academic knowledge, but also your cultural understanding and professional network, ensuring a solid foundation for your future.

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