10 April 2024

Coliving space meaning – a modern living choice

Have you heard of coliving? At the intersection of shared housing and coworking, this booming concept continues to make waves. Let’s delve into a new way of living that’s based on values of sharing, work, and mutual support.

Have you heard of coliving? At the intersection of shared housing and coworking, this booming concept continues to make waves. Let’s delve into a new way of living that’s based on values of sharing, work, and mutual support.

What is a coliving space?

Coliving is an innovative housing solution that blends the comfort of private accommodations with the dynamic environment of shared working spaces. This concept encourages not just cohabitation but a synergy between living and working, creating a vibrant community that shares resources and experiences.

Definition and concept

This promising real estate trend originates from the United States. It can be defined as a blend of shared housing and coworking, providing private living spaces for each resident within the same location.

But coliving offers much more! In these dwellings, where personalities, cultures, and energies intermingle, everything is designed so that everyone finds their niche. Far from being a limitation, this communal lifestyle fosters dynamism and enhances the personal development of each resident.

Combining housing and workspaces originated from the challenges faced by young professionals, especially freelance entrepreneurs. With limited budgets, these digital nomads struggle to find affordable rentals equipped with good internet and suitable workspaces.

The basic principle is to transform a shared residence into a workspace. But considerations of cost and isolation were also key. Thus, the idea of sharing—whether it’s premises, expenses, activities, or equipment—was born.

The philosophy behind coliving

You might not have noticed, but there are several factors that explain the philosophy behind coliving.

In Île-de-France, Ecla embodies this housing principle: more than just houses, Ecla offers places of sharing where each space is designed to meet the needs and aspirations of everyone. With carefully equipped accommodations and communal areas dedicated to entertainment, fitness, and well-being, the Ecla experience transcends coliving!

Benefits of coliving spaces

This real estate trend is rapidly expanding for good reason. Let’s explore the main benefits of coliving residences. 

Community and networking

You can experience community life without sacrificing your privacy. The current generation champions values related to sharing. This spirit of mutual aid is very prevalent and indeed fundamental in the coliving concept.

This booming model offers an effective solution against loneliness. Instead of finding themselves alone in an apartment in the evening, residents enjoy organized activities. 

In fact, the communal facilities of these residences offer a plethora of activities. Sports, cinema, games, and entertainment are all available to help each resident unwind after a day’s work. Thanks to coliving, professionals and students no longer face loneliness. While enjoying a fully equipped private living space, they manage to create a social circle that allows them to thrive.

These entertainment opportunities break the routine and facilitate meeting new people, and even forming relationships.

Also, coliving offers a fantastic opportunity for networking, helping residents connect with like-minded people who share similar career goals or interests. This environment is perfect for students, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking to expand their professional network and social circles. 

Cost-effectiveness and convenience

One of the primary advantages of coliving is its cost-effectiveness. Residents share expenses like rent, utilities, and internet, making it a more economical choice. The convenience of having a fully equipped space, often with amenities like gyms and laundry facilities, adds significant value, allowing residents to save time and money. Therefore, from an economic perspective, all housing-related expenses are pooled. Regular costs such as electricity, heating, internet, and other fees are often included in the rent. 

Another significant advantage for young professionals and students is the lease agreement, which does not impose a fixed duration. Residents can rent a room, a studio, or an apartment for a week, a month, or a year.

The convenience of coliving extends beyond just physical amenities. Many coliving facilities offer services that streamline daily chores and responsibilities. For instance, some places include regular cleaning services, maintenance support, and even meal plans as part of the rental agreement. This integration of services can drastically reduce the time residents spend on routine tasks, allowing them more freedom to focus on their careers, studies, or personal development.

Furthermore, coliving spaces are often strategically located to maximize convenience for residents. They are typically situated in central urban areas, close to business districts, educational institutions, and social hubs. This proximity to essential services and entertainment options reduces commute times and transportation costs, further enhancing the cost-effectiveness and convenience of living in a coliving space.

Is coliving right for you?

Initially, coliving residences catered to new entrepreneurs whose work is primarily computer and internet-dependent. Today, this type of housing appeals not just to Generation Y, known for its sharing spirit.

Who can benefit from coliving

Men and women of all ages in transition, whether single or in couples, on temporary work assignments, students, or self-employed individuals, the residents of these large houses have diverse profiles and personalities, as seen at Ecla. Whether it’s Ecla Paris Villejuif, Ecla Paris Noisy-Le-Grand, or Ecla Paris Massy-Palaiseau, the residents are eclectic!

In summary, coliving is not just about finding a place to live; it’s about choosing a lifestyle that supports personal growth, community engagement, and professional development. It offers a unique living arrangement that can be tailored to suit the needs of almost any individual, making it a versatile choice for those seeking convenience, community, and a more connected way of life. This means that coliving is ideal for any profile of person, whether they are nomads, freelancers, young professionals, students, divorced individuals, or simply those seeking to meet new people and create social connections.

Considerations Before Choosing a Coliving Space

When considering coliving, it’s important to think about what you need in terms of privacy, community interaction, and amenities. Assessing the coliving space’s rules can help ensure a good match.

Also, consider the location and accessibility of the coliving space. Is it close to public transportation, your job, or educational institutions? Are there shops, restaurants, and recreational areas nearby? Location can significantly affect your quality of life, so choose a place that provides the convenience and accessibility you need.

Taking the time to carefully consider these aspects will help you choose a coliving space that not only meets your practical needs but also enhances your overall quality of life.

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