15 April 2024

Good deals for students in Paris

Are you living in the capital or planning to move there for your studies? Whether you're flying solo or bunking with roommates, diving into your new life as a Parisian student is bound to raise a host of questions. Naturally, it might take a while to adapt to your new lifestyle…

Are you living in the capital or planning to move there for your studies? Whether you’re flying solo or bunking with roommates, diving into your new life as a Parisian student is bound to raise a host of questions. Naturally, it might take a while to adapt to your new lifestyle.

To ease this transition, we’ve compiled a set of handy tips and practical advice to help you manage your outings while keeping your spending in check.

Eating on a Budget:

For students in Paris, housing and comfort are typically top concerns. Whether it’s sharing a flat, embracing coliving, or signing an individual lease, finding the right fit is crucial. Regardless of your choice, adjusting to your new surroundings will take time. 

Next up, you’ll need to tackle the daily costs of meals. Since budgets aren’t limitless, here are some savvy strategies to eat well without breaking the bank.

University Dining and Free Meals:

If you’re enrolled in a Parisian university, you’ll benefit from student status, granting you access to university dining services. Managed by CROUS (Regional Centre for University and School Works), these facilities offer a variety of healthy, complete meals for less than 4 euros.

Despite Paris being among Europe’s most expensive cities, dining out is still an option. Many establishments offer special rates for those with a student ID.

Fancy Asian cuisine? Head to “Le Drapeau de la Fidélité” in the 15th district, where you can enjoy a delicious bobun for just 5 euros. Besides affordable prices, you’ll appreciate the quality service.

Some Paris venues also offer partially free meals, such as “Le Grenier” and “La Cordonnerie” in the 2nd and 11th districts, where couscous is free on select evenings. These popular dining spots are great for meeting like-minded people.

Affordable and Eco-friendly Alternatives:

If you’re environmentally conscious, simply eating cheaply won’t meet all your needs. Thankfully, there are ways to eat healthily and sustainably without overspending.

Ever heard of AMAPs? Originating from a partnership between farmers and consumers, these associations support local agriculture by offering organic baskets typically under 10 euros.

Located throughout the city, accessible by metro, AMAPs sometimes sell their unsold items at half price. A quick internet search can lead you to the nearest association, letting you stock your shared fridge with fresh, local produce—benefiting everyone in your housing arrangement.

Cultural Outings and Entertainment:

Student housing in Île-de-France can be quite pricey. After paying for rent, utilities, clothes, meals, and transport, there might be little left for leisure activities.

However, it’s essential to make room for shared fun to thrive. While such outings can be expensive, especially in Paris, there are still affordable options. 

Free Museums and Exhibitions:

Whether in shared housing or a coliving space, isolation isn’t an issue. For instance, residents of Ecla homes enjoy free on-site activities. Sports sessions, movie nights, and various games are included in the rental agreement. 

Those living in typical Parisian flats might need to venture out for entertainment. If you enjoy browsing museums and exhibits, make use of the museum pass available to all young people under 25 in France, offering free access to numerous notable sites.

Concerts, Cinemas, and Theatres at Discounted Prices:

No matter your living situation, you need to unwind to avoid being overwhelmed by work. Music lovers can find affordable concerts by exploring local student bands performing in city bars and restaurants.

For free concerts, try “Supersonic” for rock or “Piano Vache” for jazz.

Those in coliving spaces can enjoy movie nights at home. Otherwise, “Forum des images” offers access to over 6,000 films for free. Another option is the UGC unlimited card for under 26s, priced under 18€ per month, letting you enjoy endless movies.

student residence - Paris Villejuif

Transport and Mobility Alternatives:

Whether in shared or coliving housing, regular mobility is necessary both for attending classes and for breaking away from the workspace. 

Coliving homes often include fun activities, distinguishing them from traditional flat shares and emphasizing community living with private spaces.

For traditional housing students, engaging in essential leisure activities often means using public transport. However, car-sharing platforms like “CAMPUS” are dedicated to student carpooling.

If you’re active, consider biking instead of the metro. Your student ID will get you great deals on bike rentals.

Travel Tips for Paris:

Exploring the capital without spending a fortune is feasible with the tips shared here. Living in Paris means constant access to rich cultural experiences.

Students can use the “Imagine R Student” pass for year-round travel across Île-de-France for 365 euros, payable in installments.

Finding Student Housing:

Housing terms like rent and real estate can seem endless to students in Paris. Many dream of a place with a private bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Coliving offers well-equipped individual rooms, making it a path worth exploring if you’re pondering, “How do I find student housing in Paris?”

Now that you have all the information, don’t miss your chance to fully enjoy your student life in the capital!

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