Coliving in the Paris Region

Welcome to Ecla, a serene retreat amidst the bustling Paris Region.

Here, innovation meets community, offering a distinct living experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Ecla is more than just housing, it’s a vibrant community where every resident is cherished, creating a space that feels like more than just a home.

Why Ecla ?

At Ecla, we’re dedicated to enveloping you in warmth and support as soon as you arrive, creating a comfortable haven where well-being and camaraderie merge. Our diverse community enriches life here, bringing together a tapestry of cultures and stories.

Choosing Ecla means diving into a culture of support and shared joy, where every day brings new opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Our coliving residences in the Île-de-France

Ecla offers a variety of coliving residences across the Paris region to cater to different preferences:

  • Ecla Paris Massy-Palaiseau residence: From Studios to Design Studios, Duplexes, 1-Bedroom Apartment Designs, Shared Apartments up to 4-bedrooms apartment, and Hostel Beds, we cater to all needs starting at €450/ month for a hostel bed. Located ideally for those with a dynamic lifestyle.
  • Ecla Paris Noisy-le-Grand residence: Choose from Mini Studios, Studios, Tiny Houses, 1-Bedroom Apartments, Shared Apartments, Beds in Shared Apartments, or Hostel Beds for a communal vibe, with prices starting at €550/month for dormitory beds, offering an ideal base for those seeking vibrancy.
  • Ecla Paris Villejuif residence: Focused on well-being, discover our Mini Studios, Studios, Studios Executive, 1-Bedroom Apartments with Terrace, and Shared Apartments from €900/month. Designed for ultimate comfort, our spaces and services promote relaxation and productivity, fostering both personal and professional success.

Embark on your Ecla journey today and find the residence that fulfills all your needs.

Your daily life at Ecla

Step into Ecla and immerse yourself in a world where each day unfurls as a symphony of adventures and discoveries across our communal spaces. The Sports Bar transforms every meal into a vibrant celebration of togetherness and joy. Meanwhile, The Gym offers a sanctuary where you can sculpt your physique and free your mind amidst the hustle of daily life.

Venture into the quietude of The Library, a haven where knowledge beckons and discovery awaits at every turn. It’s a place to lose yourself in the pages of a book or find focus amidst tranquility. Then, find solace and rejuvenation in our Chillrooms, vibrant spaces where conversations spark and connections deepen.

Ecla is crafted as a canvas for your expression and exploration, from the culinary delights in our Kitchens to the collaborative energy of the Agora, the serene beauty of the Patios, the focused atmosphere of the Workrooms, the playful ambiance of the Playrooms, the creative pulse of the Studio (fully equipped genuine music studio), the cinematic immersion of the Cinebox, to the tranquil warmth of the Sauna. Each space at Ecla is meticulously designed to foster new encounters and nurture your well-being.

Our rich calendar of events further enriches your Ecla experience, featuring everything from the joyous Winter Party to the engaging Back To School Party, and including diverse activities like Job Dating, boxing, dance, and yoga classes. These moments are carefully curated to infuse your journey with memorable experiences, ensuring that life at Ecla remains vibrant and full of possibility.

Joining Ecla

We’ll guide you through every step, from booking to settling in, making your transition seamless.

Explore coliving in the Paris Region with Ecla, where every day celebrates community, discovery, and shared joy.

Discover our different coliving offers in Paris Region : 

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