17 April 2024

How to find student housing in Paris

Are you a student in Paris about to embark on the quest for accommodation near your university? It might feel like you're facing a mountainous challenge. Fear not, Ecla is here to guide you through this daunting task with some invaluable advice!

Are you a student in Paris about to embark on the quest for accommodation near your university? It might feel like you’re facing a mountainous challenge. Fear not, Ecla is here to guide you through this daunting task with some invaluable advice!

Prepare Your Rental Application

Every year, countless students scour Paris for the perfect apartment, making the competition fierce. To improve your chances of securing your ideal place, it’s crucial to present an impeccable application. This will position you at the top of the list, making it easier to impress landlords, agencies, or private residences. A solid application even allows you to aim for accommodations in popular student districts, close to your university and shops, enhancing your comfort by eliminating the need for public transportation. Ecla’s residences, strategically located in Île-de-France, offer proximity to universities and educational institutions, saving you long hours on metro and RER trains.

Required Documents

To create a complete and compelling application, don’t overlook any details. Start by providing a photocopy of your ID, student card, and enrollment certificate. Adding a photo isn’t mandatory, but it’s an option. Although it shouldn’t tip the scales, sometimes it does.

If you’re working to support your studies, or if your sandwich course led to employment, include your work contract. A stable income will score points with the landlord or property managers. Also, attach a proof of residence or a sworn declaration from your parents if you live with them.

Securing a rental often requires a guarantor, such as a family member or close friend. Reassure the landlord by providing proof of the guarantor’s income. For a comprehensive application, include the guarantor’s ID, proof of residence, employment contract, and their last three payslips.

The Importance of a Guarantor and Alternative Solutions

A guarantor provides a safety net for landlords, giving them the right to claim rent from a third party if payments falter. However, landlords usually require a guarantor’s income to be at least three times the rent, which can be a tall order in expensive cities like Paris. If your guarantor doesn’t meet the income threshold, consider applying for the government’s Visale Guarantee via Action Logement’s website. Another option is Garantme, which simplifies the guarantor process, allowing you to submit your documents and set up a rental application online.

Strategies to Increase Your Chances

Securing student accommodation in Paris requires significant effort. Remember, it’s not just students competing for apartments; young professionals are also in the hunt.

Be Proactive and Organized

To boost your success, stay organized and responsive. The competition is intense, and properties go quickly. When a property manager, landlord, or agency receives a solid application, they usually propose a lease agreement swiftly.

As the new academic year approaches, landlords are overwhelmed with applications. To stand out, attach a brief note explaining your situation and include your guarantors to persuade them to consider your application seriously.

Keep a list of all the apartments you’ve applied to, and follow up promptly when you receive a positive response. Delay can mean losing out to another candidate.

Use websites and Social Media

Starting your search with sites like “Le Bon Coin” or “SeLoger.com” is great, but don’t rely solely on one source. Expand your search to websites of private residences and real estate agencies near your campus, and set up alerts to receive updates on new listings that meet your criteria. Additionally, utilize social media to join groups like “Good housing deals in Paris” or “Paris student rentals and flatshares”, where many private residences also actively showcase their facilities.


Student Housing Options in Paris

The city and suburbs offer various living arrangements like shared apartments, student residence halls, intergenerational living, and coliving spaces, allowing you to choose the best option for your lifestyle and needs.

Shared Living and Student Residences

Given the high rental prices, many students opt for shared living. If communal life suits you, consider this viable alternative. Similarly, the CROUS offers about 7,000 accommodations across 70 residences in Paris, providing furnished rooms, apartments, and studios.


An emerging trend in France, coliving offers a unique living arrangement in a fully equipped and decorated large residence. It allows for private living spaces alongside communal areas ideal for socializing, meeting fellow residents, or working in coworking spaces. It’s a socially and economically beneficial choice, especially for those looking to avoid solitude.

Housing Assistance

Students can access various housing aids, such as those from the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales de Paris. Ecla’s accommodations are eligible for APL, which is determined by your resources and rent. Start your aid application early as processing can take weeks. The CAF’s website provides guides and simulators to assist with your application.

Armed with our advice, you’re well-equipped to find student housing in Île-de-France. With patience and persistence, and by leveraging all available aids, your efforts are sure to pay off. We’re confident that soon, you’ll be stepping through the door of your new student home. Good luck!

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